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Periscope: How Connecting Via Video Has Changed

Periscope logoTwitter changed the way we communicated with the introduction of their short-form messaging service. They’re doing it all over again with the launch of Periscope. (iOS only) with the intention of letting you explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s simple: Stream live video, with audio, publicly and to your Twitter followers. For Free.

Plus, unlike it’s competitor Meerkat, your videos don’t disappear when they end. Replays are available and you have the option to download your video to your camera roll as well. Viewers can interact with you using the built in chat feature and by tapping the screen to show their love and affection and give you “hearts”.

Your initial reaction is probably falling somewhere between “I don’t care” and “Oh great, another thing I need to use?”

The whole point here is to illustrate the change we’re experiencing right in front of our faces. We now have the ability to connect and share moments like never before. And no, I don’t believe this is a tool to try and sell vehicles with – at least for now. However, I do it see it being valuable.

  • Awareness – This is a great application for creating even greater awareness of both the dealership’s brand and the individuals involved.
  • Relationships – I love the ability to interact with others while streaming. Whether it’s sending someone a message during their broadcast, or replying to others while you’re streaming.

I’m seeing several people in automotive try their hands at Periscope. It’s a fun way to watch what others are doing while maintaining a new layer of connection with that person as well.

Here’s a few examples of people doing a nice job using Periscope to share their experiences and messages.

Grant Cardone on Persicope

Grant Cardone, 711,000+ Hearts – If there was ever a product that was perfect for someone, Periscope is the one. Grant has shared nearly every aspect of his life – both personal and professional. I’ve watched behind the scenes footage of his upcoming reality show, swanky parties in his home and even caught a glimpse of him and Elena taking delivery of his new private jet. Totally over the top and just what you’d expect from Grant.




Elise Kephart on PeriscopeElise Kephart, 1600+ Hearts – Elise is doing her best to stay relevant with mobile video, sharing her knowledge about helping dealers connect with customers and spreading the word about Periscope to others. I can see Elise leveraging this even more to help her spread the word about her training, her dealership experiences and just keeping in touch with her fans.




Mat Koenig on PeriscopeKonigco – Mat Koenig, 3,600+ Hearts – Mat loves his daily video tips and rants, now you watch and interact in real time!  You may catch him sharing sales tips, doing his version of an AMA or while he shares his thoughts on something that really got him bothered on Facebook that day. Always entertaining and filled with memorable one-liners.




Paul Potratz on PeriscopePaul Potratz, 3,900+ Hearts – Paul wasted no time jumping in to share his insights about automotive marketing. He’s even streamed live video of his webinars. Paul is a dynamic speaker and getting to see him lives adds a nice dynamic to his messages. Plus, you’ll get to see which fancy outfit he chose for the day.




Mills Motors on PeriscopeMills Motors (Jason Craine), 4,800+ Hearts – Jason is a Canadian dealer who isn’t afraid to try new things. He’s done a great job of personalizing his streams with fun conversation and giving away free coffee at the drive-through in the morning. What I like the most – it’s not about the dealership and it isn’t full of personal promotion and hype, Jason is as real as it gets.




Ford on PeriscopeFord, 14,000+ Hearts – No shocker, Ford’s social team jumped on Periscope quickly and has shared a great mix of content. Shots of cars, quick conversations with corporate staff and even providing full access to Ford’s recent presentation and vehicle reveal in Shanghai.




Bonus recommendation: Chris Sacca, 394,000+ Hearts – While Chris isn’t in automotive, he’s a must-follow. Chris is one of Silicon Valley’s elite VC’s who has a Midas touch when it comes to finding incredible start-up opportunities in companies such as Twitter, Uber and Instagram. His Periscope videos are wildly entertaining and informative as he provides insightful Q&A’s about business, general life-advice and investing. You may even catch him doing something fun like skiing and spending time with his family. Be quick to click his notifications though, his streams fill the maximum user count fast.

Have you tried Periscope yet – what do you think? You can find me there as well: Eric Miltsch/@emiltsch

Eric Miltsch on Periscope