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Audi Augmented Reality App Teaches Everything About Your New Car

Audi Augmented Reality App

Not sure what to do with all the new shiny buttons, gadgets and switches in your new Audi? Ditch the owners manual and learn visually from the Audi augmented reality app teaching modules.

My only question is this: If Audi created this because they think you’re not sharp enough to figure out the high-tech functions of your car, do they really expect you to be sharp enough to fumble your way through an augmented reality app?

Unfortunately, the app is only available if you’re an Audi A1, A3 or S3 owner – if so, you can download the app here

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Mailbox: Better Email App

Mailbox: Better Email App

I’ve been a huge fan of Mailbox since it came out. Main reasons: It makes me feel as if I have more control over the items within my inbox & I’m a sucker for gesture controls. Why are we held prisoner to our email? Because its just keeps coming and we don’t have an easy way to prioritize our emails into a task list or simple to-do list. Swipe an email to save, delete or schedule to read it later today, tonight, tomorrow or whenever you want. A recent update  integrates your DropBox account for even cloud based sharing. (Dropbox acquired Mailbox)

Download Mailbox for iOS