Don’t Interpret Tone – Part 2

Eric Miltsch - Don't Interpret Tone Part 2

“Don’t interpret tone!” (Part 2/2)

“Incorrect English” is apparently the solution.

Young adults, let’s say aged 18-25, have created a natural, self-taught complexity that has made it easier for them to communicate seamlessly in a medium without body language and hearing tone. They type how they talk and it’s understood without being taken out of context.

Pay attention to your own texts. It’s safe to say many people 40+ end their words with a period, use “…”, and randomly add WORDS IN ALL CAPS. They don’t like the tone this infers.

These young adults may:

– Understand there is a difference when typing “yes” vs “yes.”

– Knowing what “..” & “…” can mean

– Use capital letters & characters to *emphasize* The Point.

– Use shrthnd oftn

– Use extra characters for emotion!!! Or even mock the ~important~

– Express utter suRPRISE

– And of course, use emoji to better convey tone with concise language 🤔

This explanation from my kids opened my eyes. “Just text something the way you would say it out loud,” they said, “That’s why people your age are so bad at texting.”

This has opened up avenues of online conversations that aren’t accessible with correct English.

And this is where marketers miss the mark understanding the generational gap.


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