How Are You Defending Against Showrooming?

One of the most common car shopping activities is happening right under the dealership’s nose and so little is being done to address this activity of showrooming.

What is showrooming? This is when shoppers are researching other dealerships while shopping on your lot and in your own showwroom!

A recent study showed that 64% of auto shoppers researched & shopped online while at a dealership using their mobile device. There are three items from the study that stand out to me the most:

  1. Most of the their activity involves price research
  2. They’re looking at reviews
  3. They’re checking inventory

I believe it’s important to understand the impact mobile consumer behavior has on shoppers – especially while they are in your showroom.


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And the easiest way to respond to this is to ensure your mobile site does a great job of displaying your inventory as best as possible. Much of their mobile shopping includes shopping 3rd party sites, properly optimized inventory will provide shoppers the info they’re seeking.

What are you doing in your dealership to defend against showrooming activity?

Download the entire Mobile Device Usage Study


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