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4 Predictions That Will Affect Car Dealer Performance in 2015

2015 Automotive DealerRefresh Prediction

It’s time to get the band back together for another round of predicting the future of automotive marketing, technology and consumer behavior for 2015. This is one of my favorite annual posts as it provides the opportunity to share my vision for all of the things I love about our business.

As I gathered my thoughts for this post, I kept coming back to two themes for dealership performance this year: Growth and Simplicity – as in a maturation of our activities and efforts. We have all experienced a flurry of new products and services over the past couple of years. I get a sense that we have reached a point of information obesity and are ready to finally to trim the excess. This year will be more about understanding the customer and how dealers can make better connections based on the unique experiences they provide, versus simply plugging another new tool into a fragmented array of dealership services.

Let’s get started…
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5 Custom Analytics Reports

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  • Click the link of the title & it will take you directly to your analytics
  • Select your store(s) from the drop down menu and it’ll create the report for you automatically.
  • To access the reports, click on the customization tab at the top – then click the report you want to see