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Facebook’s New Feed Image Sizes


This month Facebook changed the sizes of the images it displays in their content feed. Why is this important? From a content marketing perspective your image quality and sizing can directly impact click-through rates. So, here’s a handy infographic from Gain that can help ensure you’re posting full size images. (Pro Tip: When posting, add your content status, add an image & then your URL to help drive traffic back to your ¬†website or blog content.)

If you need help with a social media workflow tool, check out the free trial offer from Gain. And, if you need an image cropper to make sure larger images post full size, check out this Chrome browser extension: Croppr.


New Facebook Image Sizes

Social Media Images Size Dimensions

Social Media Image Sizes and Dimensions

Social Media Image Sizes and Dimensions

Updating social media profile avatars, backgrounds and images is a basic necessity of managing either your personal or professional brand. Unfortunately it’s also the biggest pain; just when you think you’re all set, another social platform changes their design and your images simply don’t fit the new layout. (Yes, this applies to you, the OCD reader)

So, hopefully this nice infographic will keep you current. The helpful folks over at Raidious (Go figure, they help build brands) covers all the bases for you with the latest sizes and dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & YouTube channels. Why these channels? That’s all you really need to help with your objectives and also keep it manageable.

Now go check your images and get something cool and unique in place.