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Top 4 Connected Car Features Drivers Want

A major part of the Internet of Things revolution is the rise of the connected car. Our cars are becoming central connected hubs keeping drivings connected to the Internet for real time traffic traffic info, syncing with devices in our homes and eventually even connected with your dealership to ensure the best driving experience possible.

The key features customers want in their connected car:

  • Dynamic navigation systems
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Automatic notification in an emergency
  • On-demand, real-time entertainment access

Connected Car Study

79% of the respondents in a study were more likely to purchase a vehicle that had a combination of connected car features and services they were looking for in their next vehicle. Safety was the top feature buyers wanted; vehicle management and customer services were also high ranking items for buyers.

Progressive car dealers should plan their marketing activities for these vehicles accordingly as manufacturers continue to add connected features and partner with various tech partners, developers and device makers. This means creating a plan for content creation that addresses the desires of these buyers. Content strategies should include articles, pictures and videos demonstrating vehicle safety features, vehicle management features and their customer service.

These buyers have specific needs and intent – address this and you’ll make these buyers happy.

Customers will have questions about connected car features, dealers need to be prepared to provide the answers to attract these customers to help them make better buying decisions.

Read more from the study at eMarketer.

Audi Augmented Reality App Teaches Everything About Your New Car

Audi Augmented Reality App

Not sure what to do with all the new shiny buttons, gadgets and switches in your new Audi? Ditch the owners manual and learn visually from the Audi augmented reality app teaching modules.

My only question is this: If Audi created this because they think you’re not sharp enough to figure out the high-tech functions of your car, do they really expect you to be sharp enough to fumble your way through an augmented reality app?

Unfortunately, the app is only available if you’re an Audi A1, A3 or S3 owner – if so, you can download the app here

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