Smile. It’s Good For You.

Eric Miltsch - Play The Long Game

Play The Long Game

Always play the long game.

– Work with people who have the same vision; you’re building a lifestyle.

– Create the strongest relationships possible.

– Set your sights on the all-important 10,000 hours of experience.

Your focus is misguided if you don’t have a three-year plan – at the very least. Stop betting on the short game and the quick hits.

Eric Miltsch - Influence Your Children

Influence Your Children

Everyone is trying to be an online influencer. Who should we try to influence? Our children.

Our children need to see how we respect our spouses. How we create loyal friendships. How we put effort into our work. How we become emotionally intelligent.

My wife and I made our biggest investment in the time spent teaching our two sons. (Now 19 & 22). We’re fortunate to have raised two fine young men who are extremely bright, courteous, and respectful.

We’re still teaching them.

Those of you with young children, or parents to be, make this an important part of each day.

Eric Miltsch - 4 Things Employees Want

4 Things Employees Want

Employees want to learn. It’s important to create opportunities that continue to inspire and change mindsets. Employees consistently desire cultures that allow

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Management support

When Dealer Teamwork LLC hired its first employees Sean Stapleton told us we had the opportunity to change our employees’ lives.

That statement changed our mindsets and the way we approached the support given to our employees.

Eric Miltsch - Job Titles

Don’t Worry About Your Job Title

Stop worrying about your job title.

Be more concerned with the contributions you make to the people around you and to the organization. The title alone doesn’t solve your problems. It doesn’t automatically create instant success or respect. Those come after the work is done and can be lost immediately.

People don’t remember job titles. They will remember your work.

Eric Miltsch - Break the Mirror

Break The Mirror

Want to be memorable? Try breaking the mirror.

This is a simple, yet powerful way to leave a lasting impression. All too often when replying to everyday questions we say the same boring, common, or expected things. You can anticipate the answer.

I once asked Joe Webb what he had planned for the next month. His answer couldn’t have been further from what was expected. “I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m taking you to Ditka’s for lunch, we’re going to a Cub’s game, and then we’ll end the day at Wrigleyville!”

That wasn’t expected at all. And it made for one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

Think carefully about how you reply. Do you want to be boring or do you want to leave a lasting impression?

Social Media Behaviors Are Changing - Eric Miltsch

Social Media Behaviors Are Changing Sharply!

Facebook usage is dropping. Social behavior is becoming more segmented. We’re all graduating to our next personal level based on various reasons such as the polarization of ideas among users or we’re just tired of seeing the same old things and things have become stale.

People are moving towards platforms and channels that connect them with the content and people that resonate more with them. The mix is different for everyone and the experiences are more personal.

My mix, in order of time spent. Total time spent online has been drastically reduced – with the exception of Youtube.

  1. Youtube — Channel subscriptions for more entertaining and valuable content – on demand!
  2. Reddit — Highly targeted subreddits and users with no egos. More pleasurable experiences!
  3. LinkedIn — More professional, highly targeted!
  4. Instagram — Users moving from Facebook and telling their stories here – more intimate and personal!

Watch this trend continue as general Facebook usage begins to wane and time is spent elsewhere.

How has your time spent online changed?

Eric Miltsch - Don't Get Mad

Don’t Get Mad

If you’re going to tell someone you’re mad at them, you need to also tell them when you’re done being mad at them.

If you’re mad at someone and you don’t share your feelings, then you need to either work on your communication skills or learn to process your emotions differently.

Even better, don’t waste your time being mad. Ever.

Eric Miltsch - Create Awesome Content

Prevent Content Blindness

Everyone is creating content, but very few are creating expert, authoritative and trustworthy content. The result? “Content blindness,” and that leads to the declining value of the content created.

While there is more content than ever, it’s still needed. Brian Brown said it perfectly: “As the crap increases, the diamonds become even more valuable.”
The art of content creation is no longer about how much content can be created within a specific time frame; rather, it’s about how you can create the right content that will reach the right person at the right time.
That’s what brands struggle with, and unfortunately, they’re not aware of this changing dynamic – or how difficult it is to create content that matches user intent.
Creating content for the sake of it is a futile effort and will only stall forward progress.
What does your product even do?

Does Your Product Pass The Family Test?

Idea of the day: Successful products and services solve problems. Does it improve performance, increases productivity or reduce costs?

Make it simple enough for anyone to understand what it does – and how to use it.

Take the family test. Try explaining your products and solutions to either your parents or your kids. Do they understand it? If not, now you know how your audience feels.

Be a Specialist

Become A Specialist

Want to help your organization and get better at what you do? Learn to identify all of the things you’re bad at – and stop doing those things immediately.

This has been another valuable learning lesson for everyone at Dealer Teamwork.
Become a specialist and focus on the things you do exceptionally well. Processes work better, communication improves, and your days become more enjoyable!