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“Mobile isn’t a device, it’s a mindset.”


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Command Z Automotive Consulting, Inc.

Dealerships need help.SEO Flow Chart

Automotive dealer websites simply don’t get the opportunity to compete against their competition as they should. These sites consist of standard off the shelf page copy and plain vanilla on-page elements which include duplicate page copy, titles and descriptions. Off-page optimization? That’s practically non-existent. Integrated social optimization efforts? Also not happening. Proactive efforts to prepare for the semantic web? Not a chance.

Car dealers simply aren’t equipped to rank competitively against other dealerships in their region.

Command Z Automotive Consulting solves this enormous problem for dealers while providing additional mobile and social guidance. You don’t want outdated tactics. You need someone who can execute the plan while demonstrating how it will improve the dealership’s digital culture as well.

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“Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don’t care about other stuff.”

- Louis C.K.


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