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Eric Miltsch

Co-founder & Director of Marketing, Dealer Teamwork

Creators of the automotive industry’s 1st MPOP®

DealerTeamwork - MPOPPatented. Proven. Trusted.

Dealers need more relevant marketing.


Search engines want to deliver results that match buyer intent and drive traffic to relevant landing pages.

  1. Building vehicle and service offers is hard
  2. Paid search campaigns lack quality
  3. Relevant landing pages that convert shoppers aren’t used


Dealer Teamwork built the industry’s 1st MPOP® – a patented Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform. 

  1. Create offers with finance prices, incentives & lease payments.
  2. Distribute content to landing pages, SEM campaigns, Facebook, & email campaigns
  3. Manage your marketing in real-time!


  1. More relevant organic and paid search results that attract car shoppers
  2. Higher quality traffic that engages and converts more
  3. Lower ad costs & eliminate wasted spend
  4. Increase sales opportunities

Dealer Teamwork - MPOP™

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