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Car dealers need a better vehicle marketing process to manage their online incentives and offers.

It’s hard to manage OEM specials on time, it takes too long and most of the times it isn’t done correctly.

Vehicle offer and specials content must be created, distributed, and managed effectively. This can take an experienced marketer up to 25 hours each month to complete. Imagine if this process took less than an hour per month. DealerTeamwork fixed this problem.

Time to update your marketing process and stop missing sales opportunities

Dealers are using DealerTeamwork to solve their automotive digital marketing problems easier and faster than ever before. How? They’re using Launch Control. We created an MPOP – a Merchandising Optimization and Personalization Platform. This is the car industry’s 1st responsive platform for dealers to dominate their earned, owned and paid marketing channels like never before.

Your marketing efforts can be more effective

Move beyond singular tactics and create the most effective content creation, distribution and management process for your dealership.

Find the edge & stay ahead of your competitors


Industry Recommendations


Jeff Cryder Jr.

Jeff Cryder Jr. – Marketing Professional

Eric, in my opinion, should be considered in the top 99% of the automotive retail space. A true strategist who backs up his knowledge and expertise with actual real world application (a trait rare in our industry).  As a young marketing professional, I truly look up to Eric’s professionalism and marketing prowess. His industry accomplishments at Auction Direct, his iPhone App, and his contributions at DrivingSales are testaments to his intelligence, passion and ability to execute. He’s without a doubt the type of guy you’d strap your boots on, grab a rifle, and follow into battle.

Dennis Galbraith

Dennis Galbraith – Chief Marketing Officer at Dealer e Process

Eric understands automotive retail from a holistic perspective. He sees how the pieces fit together and generously helps others do the same. He is prolific with his online posts, but every one is a gem worth reading. I was one of the many trying to lure Eric onto the DrivingSales team. We are fortunate to have him, and our huge audience of dealers will benefit from his contributions online as well as his work directing product strategy. Follow Eric on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or any way you can. He is someone you’ll want to hear from regularly and network with whenever possible.



George Nenni

George Nenni – Vice President of Operations at Dominion Enterprises

This is an easy recommendation to write, as Eric is a leading authority in the automotive digital marketing space on new technology, social media, and mobile apps. I can always count on Eric to make sure I’m on top of new tech far earlier than most. He is also a humble and professional individual to work with, always willing to make time or help someone with a problem. I highly recommend him for any related project, application, or position.

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